“The War Years”
“Our Home Town Heroes”

As researched by Carolyne Howell Duwel & Bill Powell, w.powell@usa.net

This is a list of the men & women of the Williston Community who served during this war
and information about them that we were able to uncover in 1963.
I do hope we did not miss any one, but just in case we did or you can provide additional information
Please let me know at-- w.powell@usa.net --so that their service records can be added.

Pvt. Harry M. Beasley--Army, Stationed Northern Ireland.

Emory E. BellNavy, Great Lakes, Training, Pharmacist Mate

Petty Officer, 2nd Class John Grayson Bell—Navy, “Purple Heart Metal’

Lt. Larak Bailey Black—Army


Pfc. W.A. Boyne—Army


Capt. Wallis Cone—Army, Medical Battalion-Received “Service Plaque” for duty during
 the Anzio beach-head and the fall of Rome-also received a “Bronze Star”


Staff Sergeant J.W. (Billy) Folk—Army-Stationed in Australia (Pacific War)


Cpl. Elton C. Fulmer—Army, 100th Division 


Capt. Mordie I. Garber—“Bronze Star Metal” for distinguishing himself in military action
against the enemy in the invasion of Germany


Pfc. Yal Garber—Army, Fought with the 7th Army at the battle of the Rhineland and in central Europe

Staff Sergeant Royce (Doby) Givens—Army


 Pfc. Larry L. Gleason—Army, “Purple Heart Metal”, WOUNDED AT Bastogne
in the “Battle of the Bulge” Dec. 1944


Sergeant Robert L. Hair, Jr.-Army Air Corps-trained as an aerial gunner at Harlingen Army Air Field in Harlingen, Texas-Received his Silver wings—was attached to the 458th Bombardment Group in England


Motor Machinist’s Mate, Second Class Owen G. Hill—Navy


Pfc. Frankie C. Hutto—Army, Wounded in France, Receiver the “Purple Heart Metal”
reported lost in action---later found


CPO  J.C."Red" Jordan ----Navy, Presidential Citation for Valor, In the battle for Leyte Gulf (Philippines),
one of the largest sea battles in history.  Story is available on the website of the USS Raymond.


Master Sergeant Talmadge Keisler—Army, “Bronze Star Metal” for action in New Guinea (Pacific War)


Colonel David H. Kennedy—Army, Commanding Officer of the “Far East Forces Weather Group”
 (Pacific War)

1st Lt. Quincy A. Kennedy III—Army, Wounded in action in Belgium, one of the youngest Officers in the army, Received five (5) Battle Stars, “Purple Heart Metal”, Oak leaf Cluster for wounds received in the southern France and Germany-- Received the “Arrowhead” award for the invasion of France (“D” Day-June 6, 1944)

Pvt. Clifford D. Kinard—Army, “Purple Heart Metal” and three (3) Battle Stars


1st Sergeant William E. McMahon—Army, “Bronze Star Metal” –for meritorious service in combat—Germany 1945


Lt. Agilee Virginia Mitchel—Army, Flight Nurse (Daughter of Mrs. Norma Mitchel)


Pfc. Franklin Parker—Army, was in invasion at Anzio, and was in the first division to enter Rome


Capt. Murray Pender—Army, wounded during the invasion of France ---   (“D” Day-- June 6, 1944) 


Sergeant Marvin C. Porter—Army, “Purple Heart Metal” and Oak Leaf Cluster


Cpl. Van Clinton Porter (Tiny Boy)—Army, Stationed In England


 Van Hinton Porter (Big Boy) —Army stationed in France


 Richard (Dick) Ponder—Army, Paratrooper, “Bronze Star”, two (2) “Purple Hearts”, European Theater Ribbon, and Campaign Metal, Distinguished Unit Badge and six (6) Battle Stars


Ensign James Ponder—Navy, “Purple Heart Metal” wounded in the invasion of France (“D” day-- June 6, 1944)


Pfc. Veran Kelton Quattlebaum—Army Air Corps, Flight Crew


Seaman 2nd Class Drayton R. Quattlebaum—Navy, Submariner


1st.Lieutenant Elliott Quattlebaum—Army


Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class Charles M. Richardson—Navy


Sergeant C.O. Richardson, Jr. –Army


Pvt. Jack Richardson—Army, two (2) Battle Stars, Good Conduct Metal & ETO Ribbon


Sam Rogol –Army


Chief Boatswain’s Mate Wiley B. Scott—Navy


Sergeant Henry Simon—Army


Pfc. Chester F. Starnes—Army, “Purple Heart Metal”, four (4) Bronze Stars, European, African, & Middle Eastern Theater Ribbons, Good Conduct Ribbon and Combat Infantryman Badge


Sergeant Rupert Still—Army 


Major Selwyn Thompson—Army


The Three Thompson Brothers
 Captain Fred Thompson—Army
Pfc. Jackie Thompson

2nd Lieutenant H.M. Thompson—Army


Pfc. Giles M. Tool—Army


Addie V. Ussery—Women’s Army Corps


Lieutenant E. Melbourne Ussery—Navy


Cpl. Charles Vanderburg--


1st Lieutenant Henry W. Webb—Army, Belgian Fourrgere Citation


Major J.E. Webb, Jr. – Army


Aviation Radioman 3rd Class Edward David Weimortz—Navy


Joseph Alex Weimortz—US Coast Guard---Marched in President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Funeral --Washington, DC, April, 1945


The Four Whittle Brothers 

 Rudolph (Rye) Whittle—Army 

Yeoman 2 Class Keith Whittle—Navy

Freddie Whittle ---Army, The invasion at Anzio and under Gen. Mark Clark, later in France & Germany Under Gen. Patton
M.Q. (Jim) Whittle—Navy


Lieutenant G.W. Whitaker, Jr.—Navy


Pfc. William W. Whitaker—Army, Three (3) Battle Stars