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Welcome, the goal of the Blackville Area Historical Society is to gather, store and share the history of Blackville, South Carolina and the surrounding area.   To accomplish this goal, we have founded the Blackville Heritage Museum which is located at 655 Main Street in Blackville and with connections through the internet and the World Wide Web.  We invite all who are interested to become a member of our organization and participate in meetings and in the gathering and sharing of artifacts and information.  We also plan to publish a quarterly newsletter. Call one of the numbers listed in the last paragraph for a brochure about becoming a member or pick one up at the museum.

Our Exhibits and Archives include information from graduating classes of the schools of the area, especially school yearbooks.  We are asking for yearbooks or information for years not already on file.  Also included are photographs of the town and farms from days gone by as well as family genealogy. We are accepting information and photographs from any family that has lived in or near Blackville over the years since the founding of the town in 1837.

Probably the most popular of our exhibits includes the Model T and Model A Ford cars which were completely restored by Mr. W. S. (Buck) Guess and donated to the museum by The Hartzog Foundation.

To see an interview about Buck's restoration work CLICK HERE.

 There is also a video about Healing Springs available for viewing at the museum.  Among the exhibits you will find Indian artifacts, old fossils, tools, and items used in older homes, businesses, and on farms of the area. Some of the artifacts are still undergoing cleaning and/or repair.

ou are cordially invited to visit the Blackville Heritage Museum on Tuesdays from 2:00 until 4:00 p.m. For an appointment at a different time, call one of these numbers:  803-284-3267, 803-284-2525 or 803-300-1578.  We will welcome you as you browse through the history of the Blackville area.

Contributions will be greatly appreciated and may be sent to:

Blackville Area Historical Society
Post Office Box 277
Blackville, SC 29817