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Blackville Area Residents Who Served in World War II

Our Exhibits
 and Archives include information from graduating classes of the schools of the area, especially school yearbooks.  We are asking for yearbooks or information for years not already on file.  Also included are photographs of the town and farms from days gone by as well as family genealogy. We are accepting information and photographs from any family that has lived in or near Blackville over the years since the founding of the town in 1837.
Some Artifacts of Special Interest
Are Shown Below
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Used by seamstress to make garments with a  perfect size and fit.
Donated by
Mrs. Ruth Browning
Many families had to buy groceries and other supplies on credit from the  local  merchants. This is the money draw and file  cabinet where the credit records were kept until the debits were paid.

It was used by H. L. Buist & Sons grocery store in Blackville for many years.  It was donated to the museum by James G. Fickling in memory of Mrs. Betty Creech Buckingham.

 Our exhibits include
the Model T and Model A Ford
 cars which were completely restored
by Mr. W. S. (Buck) Guess
and donated to the museum by
 The Hartzog Foundation.
To see an interview about
Buck's restoration work

There is much more to see and explore when you come for a visit.
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